Sinovel 5MW offshore wind turbines on the biggest Asian offshore wind power exhibition

Post time:2016/5/30 10:43:27

From June 7th to 9th, Sinovel 5MW offshore wind turbines made its debut on OFFSHORE WIND CHINA 2010. On the Exhibition, which is the largest in Asia in scale, audiences were exposed to the latest research status of those turbines.

So far, two sessions of OFFSHORE WIND CHINA has been hosted; it is the first professional platform focusing on offshore wind power market in Asia. This Session consisted of 14 workshops concentrating on such subjects as offshore wind power market, policies, turbine technologies, etc. The exhibition covered 10,000 m2, participated by more than 100 exhibitors from 12 countries/regions.At present, except Europe, China is the sole country capable of offshore wind power; moreover, Sinovel is a global offshore wind turbine producer, following SIEMENS, VESTAS, and REPOWER. The progress in research & manufacture of Sinovel 5MW offshore wind turbines has been in the limelight for a long time and thus, Sinovel wind turbines were one of the spotlights on this Exhibition. Sinovel principal indicated that the 5WM offshore wind turbine project has fulfilled design & component sourcing activities and the prototypes will be launched in the fourth quarter of this year. Then, it will be another great event in China's wind power industry.

The reporter learned that Sinovel has always been dedicated to development of offshore wind power industry. The National Energy Offshore Wind Power Technology and Equipment R&D Center constructed by Sinovel was officially licensed by National Energy Administration. The center is the only national research & development center targeting offshore wind power technical equipment in China, with an aim to fulfill a wind power technical equipment R&D center with the top technical level, the most advanced facilities, and the highest capacity in research & development and test, in order to resolve the technical difficulties challenging the offshore wind power in China and further to lead global wind power technologies. Meanwhile, Sinovel 5WM Wind Turbine Project is now constructed vigorously in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, which is dedicated to research and scale production of 5WM large-scale offshore wind turbines, and is expected to achieve the goals of 600MW output (annual) and RMB 4 billion Yuan as annual sales revenue,  supported by Sinovel wind power projects, e.g. HUADIAN New Energy 5WM Project. Sinovel has successfully applied its efforts to practices; 34 3MW offshore wind turbines installed in Shanghai Donghai Bridge 102MW Offshore Wind Farm, the very first offshore wind power project (outside Europe) which drew both domestic and foreign attentions, were all researched & developed independently by Sinovel. At 15:58, June 8th, 2010, all 34 sets of 3MW turbines in this wind farm were combined to the grid and put into operation.

Since 2006, when Sinovel was established, it has developed by strides in a short time. In "International Wind Energy Development", BTM, an authoritative international consulting agency, indicated that Sinovel gained a capacity of 3,510,000 KW from incremental turbines; its global market share reached 9.2%, i.e. the 3rd in the world. Moreover, Sinovel was rated as the best performer among top 10 global wind turbine manufacturers.

Energy saving & emission reduction and low carbon economy are the mainstream of modern times. Sinovel takes on the responsibilities to localize major equipment and to offer clean energy to the world and universal human . Its core culture is "Challenge; Innovate; Transcend" and it establishes technical innovation, localization, scaling up, upsizing, and internationalization as its long-term development strategies. As a global leading wind turbine manufacturer, Sinovel will consecutively lead the growth of offshore wind power industry in China, to usher China's even the global wind power industry into a new epoch.

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